A little further up, at the bottom of the slope, there is more humidity. There I find thallophytes feeding on the felled and rotting trunks:


Hat-shaped polyparies.

Coriolus like open fans.

Fistuline in ox-liver blood-red.


A clearly defined extra-artistic writing, which refers us to other writing like a reflecting screen. Trunk have a body!

How could a work of art not have one?

Mushrooms give no quarter and notably increase the dimensions of their own fleshy mass: the

body of the trunk will disappear».


The double-bottom of the abyss opens and we only write in the lower parts where there is moisture: on moisture.

In spite of its having a complex natural topological structure we might have felt the temptation to consider it as a self-enclosed system; but there is nothing of the kind: every living organism is open and constantly refers us to another, even if it has a very different ideological structure; and these mushrooms are the mimesis that pedagogically explains our closest relationships to us, drawing what we explore on the walls.


On the other hand, these germinal analogies should not be understood as metaphors of sprouts and buds either, nor should they be considered as the imaginative exuberance of forms.

The germ of an incision in the wall will be just an excuse to write upon these open, grafted structures, leaving in them signs beyond our nature and forcing the walls to bloom.

Leaving aside any symbology, is Art not in itself a grafted Nature whose branches have to be incised?


Shoot grafting.

Cleft grafting.

Scion grafting.

Mushroom grafting.

Splice grafting.

Si de grafting.

Budding shield.

Elbow grafting.

Water grafting.


In Water and Dreoms, Bachelard says: What we most love in man is what can be written about him».



Con whot connot be written be lived?

Therefore, for from our humon psychology, we

must try to imagine whot connot be imogined, to

understond whot we con hordly understond ond to dreom whot we connot remember.

Stemming from this id~olistic ond obstroct con-

nexion, 011 somotic stimulus in our spirituol life will oct on our deepest psychic noture.

But, on the other hond, beoring in mind the trodi- tionol notion of whot is imogined with relotion to the ideo of irreolity, this term is ocknowledged os o product from onother dimension opposed to whot is real.

But these differences might only orise from the csit- uotion»; they might be o consequence rother dif- ferent from their perception.

For exomple, in Enfontines Volery Lorboud refers to children's frequent desire to listen to their fovou-

rite tole severo I times in on eoger ottempt to ot- toin whot is not real.

During sleep, this unreol entity springs up like on original echo of o primitive, totollonguoge in the shope of o book covered with mushrooms or gnowed ot by mice, of cut-gross mots, of poths or insects thot prey on onimols ond cover their bodies. Unconscious revelotions, which ore deli- berotely rebuilt in o truth-gop os real things ond causes, conceived in 011 their modes: existence, sense, form, content, substonce, sensible presence or intelligible presence.

These reosons should be enough on their own to

reconstruct ony choin of meonings ond obsolutely

rule on interlocutory system from our own uncon-


We hove reoched beyond ourselves into on inti- mote spoce like o beneficent drug, cousing ideas

to spin in their stronge ond invisible spoce, ot the limit between inside ond outside, between whot is

olive ond whot is not, memory os o vigil thot pro-

duces presence ond recolls it.

The coutside» does not begin in the unjan of whot

we moy coll the psychic, but ot the point where it

becomes movement, where it is impersonoted ond

expelled by the sign of recolling.

The spoce opens ot the violent instont when this

impersonotion tokes place - theowokening from o dreom.

The outside is olreody in the work of memory, which needs signs to remember whot is not presento

15 it possible to hove o memory without o sign ond o supplement? Con this impersonotion offect inti- mocy?

For from being o gome, this mognetic ottroction of

new signs seems to oppeor in front of me os the

thing itself, in the completely natural opening of the now obsolutely real scene.

Only the effect of whot wos the desecroting oct of

owokened dreoms will remoin. Traslatlan, Francisca Javier Torres Rlbelles