PIECE POR A BUILDING [video installation 22 mn.)


It is recommended that the viewer should stand in front of a mirror in order to read the text and to carry out a thorough analysis of its content.


Images of the body that work inside a video field are developed, selected and shown. The file analysis comes from the data visualized by means of a small digital monitor.

As the body expands, the outside enters inside and the space is reconstructed, the architecture is swallowed up. "Piece for a building" could be a show of movements, a choreography for the body and the space, based on the visual relation between sign language and code language that is used amongst choreographers in order to explain movements without performing them. That is, so as to speak, by drawing all the gestures that are familiar to us such as walking, leaning or falling. This material used that has already been "encoded" by means of both languages, is laid out in a continuous and vertical movement, inside the physical space of the gallery Scattered around the surface, the body improvises a new definition of itself. Gesture and movement, the choreography encloses two contradictory terms, taking into account that we normally draw things that do not move, since the physical space, the architecture conforms immobility. 80th have a determined grade of autonomy that changes depending on certain external factors as well as on improvisation.

A girl practices movements as she walks along aluminum instruments, like an architecture underpined at its base that glides, slips and collapses with great ease, capable of changing in any given moment into any other object.

She becomes aware, with each step that she takes, of her lack of resistance and her condition of fragility. A dance performed at random due to the loss of memory of one's own movements.


"Gravity of a inclined position", "Fragmentation, desintegration, or deconstruction of the body" like the objective way of looking at ourselves from the outside like an object. What we have is not just a secret and indecifrable formal composition that covers the steps and handrails in a gymnasium with apparatus; where the ankles seem to be dislocated in arder for the feet to move like hands or the arms like legs. The hierarchies do not disown themselves, instead they are contaminated inside a strange body of prosthesis, like instruments that are an extension of the body.

Man appears to be starting to carry his brain beyond his cranium and his nerves beyond his skin. The slow and broken steps adopt a series of Ciborgian poses like a machine starting, or an actor for a virtual body.

Do you really believe that your fragile shape, your thin legs and hands, and your fine skin can still hold themselves together?

As Stelarc reminds us, it is not easy to yawn with our mouths sewn not even with the extra load of our own bodies. Movement is in a way the living architecture, composed of traces, gestures, rectifications and corrections inside a space. It is the change in a position. The objective of those steps was simply the proposal to reflect with great attention the faults and the impossibility of language. That is, to conform a visual encyclopedia of architectonic motifs of one's self, a desire to model our "grafted" body, that is constantly traversed with ephemeral inscriptions.

These are the strange and poisonous steps taken by the host's body as if the girl that was walking was experimenting the parts of her body as if they were not there, as if they did not belong to herself, as if they were not under her control; like an absence of physiology. In our Freudian past this could have been considered a pathological dance; and in our Foucaldian present as the inscription and control of own body. That is as the anxiety for the centre and the corporal stability that seems to have certain impermeable limits, like an image with its dissolved edges and its changing shape, as a perfect symbol of the category of ambiguity.




THE REGULATOR'S VISION (video projection 18 mn.]


"The regulator's vision" is the second sonorous piece created for static photos, where everything that we see and hear is cut across by a light which forces us to raise our eyes and to remain pervaded against our own will, like fleeting moments of synchronized white light that remains in our retina.


01 . two actors

02. false acustic ceiling

03. lacquered metallic box

04. linoleum floor

05. aluminium sill

06. white stereoscopic light

07. cables and feeder

08. digital DM-XLI video camara and monitor

09. standard lamp

10. wooden panels

11. folding table

12. white paper background

13. stairs

14. preframe made of woodwork

15. cross bar made of steel tube